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About The Adachi Institute of Woodcut Prints

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Our studio and showroom are located in Tokyo.
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The Adachi Institute prides itself in making reproduction Ukiyo-e prints by employing the same skills, techniques and materials that were used by the original woodcut print makers of the 18th and 19th centuries. A brief outline of the reproduction process is as follows

1. Exact line reproduction is achieved by using a verified original print from one of the world's major Ukiyo-e collections. The blocks are carved by master engravers to duplicate exactly the same lines as the original print. This engraving requires delicate sensitivity and persistence. Old cherry wood is used for the blocks.
2. Printing is done by hand employing the same processes as were used on the original print. This stage is tedious and painstaking, for each color has to be printed from its own block. As with the originals all prints are made on washi (handmade Japanese paper) nd natural dye colors are used.
The Adachi Institute conducts careful research and adheres to the highest standards of Japanese craftsmanship in order to ensure that its reproductions are of the greatest accuracy.



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