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Snow Scenes in Ukiyo-e
Ukiyo-e Artists' Collaboration with Snow

Seasonal Recommendations

Katsushika Hokusai
"Snowy Morning in Koishikawa"
Unframed 13,000yen

This print is from the most popular Hokusai's series, "Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji" and the only snowy scene in the series. Compared to Hiroshige, Hokusai did not draw many snowy scenes, so this print is very rare, but it came out beautifully. It shows the clear morning scene after overnight snow viewed from the high point. People in the watchtower ot the tea house are enjoying the clear sky and crispy air after overnight snow. One of them points to the flying birds which leads your eyes to Mt. Fuji.  Of course, it is Hokusai's strategy. He expresses the distance between Mt. Fuji and the watchtower with placing three birds in between. The white area of snow and sky are paper color itself which beautifully contrasts with the gradation in blue. This work is one of the best snowy scenes Hokusai drew! >>Details

葛飾 北斎「 礫川雪ノ旦」
絵のみ 13,000円
  • The "snow viewing with Mt. Fuji party" is ongoing at the watchtower of the tea house.
  • White of snow is expressed as the color of washi paper itself.

Staff Favorites

Utagawa Hiroshige
"Kinryuzan Temple at Asakusa"

Unframed 13,000yen

This print is from Hiroshige's late popular series, "One Hundred Views of Edo". It captures a big lantern at the Kaminarimon gate of Sensoji temple in Asakusa. Sensoji temple is still a popular place to visit in Tokyo for the tourists and this lantern is there as a trademark. Hiroshige gave many colors for this winter scene. Orange lantern, red and green of the gate and the temple's buildings in the background, and many colors in people's dresses. All of these colors enhance the white of snow. The snow parts on the trees and roof are printed with the printing technique called "Karazuri" which creates an embossing effect without colors. Also white of snow is the color of paper itself which is a typical way of ukiyo-e production. This calm but impressive snowy scene is one of the best of all of Hiroshige's works!>>Details

Utagawa Hiroshige "Oi"
Special Price
Unframed 20,000yen⇒13,000yen

This print is from the series of "Sixty-nine Stations on the Kisokaido" which was published after Hiroshige's big success of "Fifty- three Stations on the Tokaido". "Oi" is in the current Gifu prefecture where there is a lot of snow in winter. Hiroshige arranged the travellers with horses in a snowy scene in Oi. To express snowing moment, snow is printed in two ways, one is printed with white color and the other one is paper color itself. The combination of these two expressions creates a 3D effect. Hiroshige is very good at portraying the landscape adding people and animals with his imagination. No other ukiyo-e artists, even Hokusai could not do well as Hiroshige did.>>Details

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Kitagawa Utamaro
"Towing a Boat in Snow,Illustration from the Kyoka Album "Ginsekai"(Silver World)"
Available for limited time
Unframed 13,000yen

This beautiful black and white landscape in snow is an illustration from the Kyoka album, "Silver World" by Kitagawa Utamaro. Utamaro is well known for his ukiyo-e of beauties, but he drew five illustrations for the Kyoka album just before he was getting popular as a master of beauties. Utamaro used the washi paper color itself as snow and created the calm and mysterious silver world with a  towing boat which looks like expressing his last quiet moment before his golden period as a popular ukiyo-e artist started.>>Details

Suzuki Harunobu
"Courtesan Walking in Snow"
Available for limited time
Unframed 35,000yen

This beauty in snow portrayed by Harunobu Suzuki is displayed in the format of "Hashira-e" which is narrow and long. The letters on the umbrella says, "Meiwa 2 (1764)" which shows it was made for the calendar for that year. This type of elaborate calendar was produced as the greeting of wealthy sophisticated people and the special custom order. Harunobu is the ukiyo-e artist who invented the multicolored printing in the history of Japanese woodcut printing. Interestingly this prit was produced in the same year as his historical invention which means this is the birth of the Japanese ukiyo-e! Unlike Harunobu's typical beauties looking like a doll and very neutral, this beauty is expressed very much like real. Her facial expression, gorgeous kimono with the winter motiff's patterns and the fingers and toe's expression are full of Harunobu's charm! This is one of his masterpieces. What a gorgeous print it is!>>Details

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