Expressions of Rain in Ukiyo-e

Landscapes with Rain and Seasonal Flowers

Seasonal Recommendations

Yashima Gakutei "Shower at Tempo-zan in Osaka"
Unframed 13,000yen

Yashima Gakutei (Gakutei Gogaku) actively worked around 1815 to 1845 and is said that he also learned from Aoigaoka Hokkei or Katsushika Hokusai. He left many masterpieces of elaborate surimono (commissioned prints) with Kyoka poems (humorous poem). Around the early 1800's, he temporary lived in Osaka area and worked for the series of "Naniwa Meisho Tempo-zan Shokei Ichiran (Survey of Scenic Sights of Tempo-zan in Naniwa)" which became his representative works and this print is one of them (a total of 6 designs). Tempo-zan hill was artificially constructed around 1830-1844 and has been a popular scenic spot for local people. Gakutei depicted a boat hit by a sudden shower off Tempo-zan. He captures a very dramatic moment with high, rolling waves and black clouds, but at the same time his depiction of the boat and monstrous waves are so detailed and found the influence of the western painting in the expression of the clouds. >> Details

Yashima Gakutei Shower at Tempo-zan in Osaka
  • People on the boat who are fighting with the monstrous waves are depicted in detail.
  • Expressions of rough waves or clouds are very unique to Gakutei.

Staff Favorites

Utagawa Hiroshige "Rain at Nakatsugawa"
Special Price
Unframed 20,000yen → 13,000yen

This work is one of the best prints in Hiroshige's series, "Sixty-nine Stations on the Kisokaido". Hiroshige depicts Nakatsugawa post-town on Kisokaido road. Interestingly, two completely different designs of "Nakatsugawa" are existing. One is in the sun and the other one is in rain and this is the one so called "Nakatsugawa in rain". The existing number of the original print of the rain version is small and considered as rare compared to the sunny version. Not only being rare by the number, but also it is considered as one of masterpieces in the series because of its refined expressions and composition. The rain is printed with white color which expresses the white rain (a shower with fine water streams) in this rainy scene. >> Details

Utagawa Hiroshige "Bridge Ohashi and Atake in Sudden Shower"
Unframed 13,000yen

This work is one of most popular prints in the series of "One Hundred Famous Views of Edo '' by Hiroshige and also well known that Van Goh copied this work in his oil painting. Hiroshige designed the Ohashi bridge over the Sumida river and people struck by the sudden shower with an effective composition in the vertical space. The dark clouds expressed with Atenashi Bokashi (no guidance gradation) and the shadow of objects on the other side of the river are describing the intense shower as well as thin and angled streams of the rain. The fact that Van Goh completely copied this print proves that this is one of masterpieces in entire ukiyo-e history. >> Details

Utagawa Hiroshige "Hydrangea and Greenfinches"
Special Price
Unframed 20,000yen → 13,000yen

Hiroshige worked for a series of prints in a genre of "Flowers ad Birds" in the Chutanzaku format which is longer and narrower than common Oban format (such as Hokusai's Great Wave.) Hiroshige is very good at arranging birds and flowers in this space. For this print, Hiroshige designed an effective composition through the directions of movement formed by the stems of a hydrangea and two small birds within the vertically long and narrow space. Bokashi gradation is beautifully used and enhances the colors of hydrangea flowers and finches. >> Details

Katsushika Hokusai "Lily"
Unframed 13,000yen

Hokusai worked for various prints in a genre of "Flowers and Birds" in his mid 70s. A set of 10prints published by Nishimura Eijudo was a masterpiece and this print, "Lily" is one of them. Hokusai succeeded in expressing not only flowers or birds but also winds, airs and the time in the series. All 10 prints in the series are extremely well composed and built with complete Hokusai's tastes. Every single line has the reason to be there which poove Hokusai's amazing skill of description. >> Details

Adachi Original Ukiyo-e Frame with Natural Finish

The Adachi original frame with natural finish is perfectly matched with the modern interior décor. Especially, Flowers and Birds prints such as Hokusai's "Lily", landscapes with bright colors or prints influenced with western paintings such as Gakutei's "Shower at Tempo-zan in Osaka" choose your favorite type matched with your interior.

※ When you place an order for a print with this frame, please choose "unframed print", then choose "Adachi original frame with natural finish" separately for the shopping cart.

百合 白木額装

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