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Beauties in cool summer dresses

July 09, 2018

Beauties in cool summer dresses

Summer in Edo is always severe. But people in Edo had many ideas to enjoy severe summer. And many ideaful and cool summer scenes are depicted in Ukiyo-e such as goldfish, morning glories, fire works, evening breeze and so on. Please enjoy the cool breeze and summer scenes with Edo People.

Many masterpieces done by Ukiyo-e artists specialize in beauties such as Harunobu Suzuki "Returning Sails to the Towel Rack", Utamaro Kitagawa "Two Women In and Out of the Mosquito Net", Eisho Chokosai "The Courtesan Shiratsuyu of Wakanaya" and so on are introduced with special price. They are discounted to 13,000 yen (unframed and excluding tax) from regular price, 20,000 yen. This is the promotion for limited time only (ends August 16th, Japan time)!

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