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Adachi's Ukiyo-e Smartphone Wallpaper (2022.05 ver.) Download Page

May 03, 2022


■  Now you can free download and enjoy Adachi's ukiyo-e on your phone!

You can download Adachi's ukiyo-e wallpaper on your smartphone as FREE. Our smartphone wallpaper is exclusively designed with our high-quality ukiyo-e reproduction. You can resize or trim according to the screen size of your phone. This wallpaper is only allowed for the individual usage, not for the commercial usage or redistribution. We hope you enjoy the beauty, texture and details of our ukiyo-e.

■  Culmination of Hokusai's expression, "stillness" and "motion" is here! "Poppies" by Katsushika Hokusai

The smartphone wallpaper of May, "Poppies" is a culmination of Hokusai's expression, "stillness" and "motion". Hokusai depicts the very moment the poppy plants are fluttered by the wind. The amazing curve of the warped poppy plant's stem is similar to the curve of Hokusai's masterpiece, "Great Wave". Same dynamics of the great wave is used for this delicate flower-and-bird work! Please enjoy Hokusai's dynamics on your smartphone.


Download from here
※-The wallpaper can be used only for the individual usage. No commercial usage or redistribution is allowed.-

■  "Poppies" -Masterpieces of Flowers and Birds- by Katsushika Hokusai

Hokusai's "Masterpieces of Flowers and Birds" was published around the same time as the unprecedented hit "Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji" by the same publisher, Nishimura Eijudo. Hokusai's expressive power that transformed freely while pursuing the expression of water and waves is fully demonstrated in the genre of flower-and-bird prints as well. Here, you can feel the "stillness" of the moment of rest, and the "motion" in the moment the subject sways in the wind, showing the spirit of Hokusai who attempted to fully capture the manifestations of nature that change rapidly. A work of "Poppies" represents "motion" in this series and has the same dynamics as "Great Wave"! (cf. Adachi's Pick -Masterpiece of Ukiyo-e- April 27, 2022)

"Poppies" is available at Adachi's ukiyo-e online store.