Katsushika Hokusai A Thousand View of the Sea and Waterside

Fly Fishing

The Ukiyo-e is printed on Echizen kizuki hosho washi (a unique kind of Japanese paper) handmade by Ichibei Iwano, a living national treasure. This makes the vivid colors and the soft, warm textures of woodcut prints come to life.

※ The image in this series are printed on smaller size of paper than normal O-ban format.

October 31st, 2020 will be Hokusai's 260th Birthday!
Celebratig Hokusai's 260th birthday,
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Print Size (cm)18.1 × 25.7 cm
Paper Echizen Kizuki Hosho Washimade by Living National Treasure, Ichibei Iwano
ExplanationJapanese only
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A girl with a hozuki in her mouth

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A girl with a hozuki in her mouth

Special Price 13,000yen~ (Excluding Tax)

Fishing Boats at Choshi

Katsushika Hokusai A Thousand Views of the Sea and Waterside

Fishing Boats at Choshi

13,000yen~ (Excluding Tax)


Katsushika Hokusai


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