Credit Card

Available credit card:

If you use the debit card for your payment, you might see two charges by us on your account temporarily. According to the credit card company, it seems that the total amount without shipping fee is automatically charged when you submit the order and the updated total amount including the shipping fee is charged later again. The first one will be refunded to your account eventually. It can happen only for the debit card payment not for the credit payment. Unfortunately we are not able to know if you chose the debit as a payment method or not and do anything for this double charges, so please be informed about this when you plan to use the debit card. Again this should not happen on the choice of the credit.
Please contact us if you have any question (

Bank Transfer

Bank name: Resona Bank
Branch name/code: Ikebukuro/760
Account number: 4668892
Account name: The Adachi Institute of Woodcut Prints
Swift code: DIWAJPJT
  • Fee for bank transfer should be taken care by a customer who place an order.
  • Order Total :Items+Shipping+