Hokusai, who inspired the Japonisme movement Masterpieces of Flowers and Birds a set of 10 works

New and innovative designs inspiring Western artists and designers

Throughout his 90-year life, the world's most famous ukiyo-e artist, Katsushika Hokusai, studied painting techniques in Japan and abroad, and was passionate about describing everything under the sun. Hokusai's collection of 10 flower-and-bird prints is full of inventive features that attract the viewer while drawing on the traditional theme of bird-and-flower prints.
Ukiyo-e, which crossed the sea at the end of the Edo period, had a great influence on Western artists and designers. In particular, the Hokusai flower-and-bird prints inspired many artists and artisans in areas such as glassware and jewelry and were incorporated into the designs of glass designers such as Gallé, Daum, and Lalique, who were vanguards of the age, and received high praise around the world.

  • "Poppies"

  • A vase designed by Émile Gallé
    © The Cleveland Museum of Art

Expressions of stillness and motion, which Hokusai pursued

Masterpieces of Flowers and Birds was published around the same time as the unprecedented hit "Thirty-six Views of Mt. Fuji" by the same publisher, Nishimura Eijudo. Hokusai's expressive power that transformed freely while pursuing the expression of water and waves is fully demonstrated in the genre of flower-and-bird prints as well. Here, you can feel the "stillness" of the moment of rest, and the "motion" in the moment the subject sways in the wind, showing the spirit of Hokusai who attempted to fully capture the manifestations of nature that change rapidly.
Throughout all the works, this series is full of the artist's delicate and descriptive sensibilities, allowing us to enjoy the expressions of "stillness" and "motion" that Hokusai has mastered.

Blossoming Irises and Grasshopper

"Blossoming Irises and Grasshopper"

Tree-peony and Butterfly

"Tree-peony and Butterfly"

Carving precisely following Hokusai's brushworks

Hokusai's masterful expressions of "stillness" and "motion" are mainly expressed by lines. Each petal and each leaf vein are depicted in detail with different strengths. The carver is required to have advanced techniques to faithfully carve the brushwork of Hokusai.

Printing exactly matching the colors Hokusai described

This series is described with a perfectly calculated color scheme, so even the slightest change in color will upset the overall balance. Therefore, the printer pays particular attention to the adjustment of color. By putting his weight on the baren rubbing pad, the printer firmly pushes the pigment into the fibers of the Japanese paper to achieve gorgeous and brilliant colors.

Change prints to match seasons or your mood

This series allows you to enjoy switching the works as if you were changing flowers to display according to the season. We have received wonderful comments from our customers such as the one below:
"My mother presented me with a set of Hokusai's Masterpieces of Flowers and Birds about 10 years ago as part of my trousseau. Now it ’s an essential part of my home. The prints you first see when you open the front door give the impression of airiness and a gentle breeze blowing through, even though they are still images. Also, since I switch the prints every season, I am happy that the entrance can be easily redecorated. Even in the case of a sudden visitor, if you have one of these prints displayed at the entrance, you will not have to worry about the room decoration, so it is very useful."

Masterpieces of Flowers and Birds a set of 10 works

Masterpieces of Flowers and Birds a set of 10 works

  • "Poppies"


  • "Tree-peony and Butterfly"

    "Tree-peony and Butterfly"

  • "Hydrangea and a Swallow"

    "Hydrangea and a Swallow"

  • "Blossoming Irises and Grasshopper"

    "Blossoming Irises and Grasshopper"

  • "Orange Orchids"

    "Orange Orchids"

  • "Morning-Glories and Frog"

    "Morning-Glories and Frog"

  • "Lily"


  • "Hibiscus and Sparrow"

    "Hibiscus and Sparrow"

  • "Chrysanthemums and a Deerfly"

    "Chrysanthemums and a Deerfly"

  • "Bellflower and Dragon-fly"

    "Bellflower and Dragon-fly"

Masterpieces of Flowers and Birds a set of 10 works


・10 ukiyo-e prints

・Explanation in Japanese and English

・A case exclusively made for this set

・Adachi original frame for ukiyo-e
 (Size:40.0 cm x 55.5 cm, Weight: 2.8kg)

Paper Echizen Kizuki Hosho Washi made by Living National Treasure, Ichibei Iwano
Delivery It would be back for sale by Mid-July.
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