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Adachi's Ukiyo-e Smartphone Wallpaper (2021. 1 ver.) Download Page

January 31, 2021


■Now you can free download and enjoy Adachi's ukiyo-e on your phone!

You can download Adachi's ukiyo-e wallpaper on your smartphone as FREE. Our smartphone wallpaper is exclusively designed with our high-quality ukiyo-e reproduction and the calendars of old style and new style. You can resize or trim according to the screen size of your phone. This wallpaper is only allowed for the individual usage, not for the commercial usage or redistribution. We hope you enjoy the beauty, texture and details of our ukiyo-e.

Download from here
-The wallpaper can be used only for the individual usage. No commercial usage or redistribution is allowed.-

■Upcoming Adachi's Ukiyo-e Smartphone Wallpaper

Upcoming Adachi's Ukiyo-e Smartphone Wallpaper is "Plum Garden at Kameido" by Utagawa Hiroshige. It will be released on February 12, 2021 to celebrate Lunar New Year's Day. This work is known as an image copied by Van Gogh. We believe that it is the perfect ukiyo-e to celebrate both Lunar New Year and the beginning of spring in Japan.




■How to trim or arrange Adachi's ukiyo-e wallpaper
  for your smartphone's screen

  wallpaper_sample_20-9.jpg <Smartphone with an aspect ratio, 20:9 (approximately) >
A.With a calendar
B.Without calendar
  wallpaper_sample_16-9.jpg <Smartphone with an aspect ratio, 16:9 >
A.With a calendar
B.Without calendar
  wallpaper_sample_7-3.jpg <Smartphone with an aspect ratio, 7:3 >
A.With a calendar
B.Without calendar

■Suzuki Harunobu "Beauty admiring the Plum Blossoms at Night"

The print designed for this smartphone's wallpaper is "Beauty admiring the Plum Blossoms at Night" by Suzuki Harunobu. Harunobu was born in 1725 in Edo (Current Tokyo) and became a very popular ukiyo-e artist around 1765. He invented the registration marks for the wood block which made multicolor printing happen. Because of this invention, Harunobu is called "father of multicolor woodcut print".

The work of "Beauty admiring the Plum Blossoms at Night" is considered as one of Harunobu's masterpieces and only two original prints are recognized now. It is an absolutely beautiful and magnificent print which has every single essence of Harunobu's beauty. The white plum blossoms are emerging by the lady's hand light in the pitch-dark night. The kimono patterns, lady's facial or fingers expression and her tabi socks printed with special printing technique, every single detail in this work is delicate and sophisticated.

"Beauty admiring the Plum Blossoms at Night" is available at Adachi's ukiyo-e online store.