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Adachi's Ukiyo-e Smartphone Wallpaper (2021. 4 ver.) Download Page

April 10, 2021


■Now you can free download and enjoy Adachi's ukiyo-e on your phone!

You can download Adachi's ukiyo-e wallpaper on your smartphone as FREE. Our smartphone wallpaper is exclusively designed with our high-quality ukiyo-e reproduction and the calendars of old style and new style. You can resize or trim according to the screen size of your phone. This wallpaper is only allowed for the individual usage, not for the commercial usage or redistribution. We hope you enjoy the beauty, texture and details of our ukiyo-e.

■ Enjoy Utamaro's beautiful young lady in her gorgeous kimono

The wallpaper for April is "Girl Blowing a Glass Toy" by Kitagawa Utamaro which is one of his most famous works. The young lady in this print is a fashion leader! Her hair style, the pattern of kimono and a glass toy "Poppen" are all the most trendy things at that time. It is almost like watching a page of fashion magazines! This print looks super pretty as a wallpaper on the smartphone!

Download from here
※-The wallpaper can be used only for the individual usage. No commercial usage or redistribution is allowed.-

■Upcoming Adachi's Ukiyo-e Smartphone Wallpaper

Upcoming Adachi's Ukiyo-e Smartphone Wallpaper is "Blossoming Irises and Grasshopper" by Katsushika Hokusai. It is scheduled to be released on May11, 2021. It is one of Hokusai's masterpieces from the genre of "Birds and Flowers". Hokusai's realistic depiction is amazing yet is still lyrical!



■How to trim or arrange Adachi's ukiyo-e wallpaper for your smartphone's screen

  wallpaper_202104in_sample_20-9.jpg <Smartphone with an aspect ratio, 20:9 (approximately) >
A.With a calendar
B.Without calendar
  wallpaper_202104in_sample_16-9.jpg <Smartphone with an aspect ratio, 16:9 >
A.With a calendar
B.Without calendar
  wallpaper_202104in_sample_7-3.jpg <Smartphone with an aspect ratio, 7:3 >
A.With a calendar
B.Without calendar

■Kitagawa Utamaro "Girl Blowing a Glass Toy"

The print designed for this smartphone's wallpaper is "Girl Blowing a Glass Toy" which is well known as one of the masterpieces of Kitagawa Utamaro all over the world. Utamaro is renowned for his ability to subtly capture the personality and private lives of Edo's women. The girl in this print is dressed everything in trend. Utamaro depicts a young lady who is proudly in the most fashionable way. We can feel her confident character and background from this print thanks to Utamaro's skill.

"Girl Blowing a Glass Toy"is available at Adachi's ukiyo-e online store.